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Teacher Grants 2019-20

What a successful PTSA meeting today! We voted to fund $24,490.90 in teacher grants! The money we raised from the Garage Sale, grants that were not spent last year and other budgeted funds that were not spent allowed us to fund these grants:

*ORCA/OBOB Books, Avid Reader FT, Grandparents Day & Parents & Pastries

* Band Instrument Cleaning & Repairs for 21 Instruments

* Rock Tumbler for learning concepts of weathering and erosion

*Timing Service for Home Track Meets

* Athletic Equiptment repairs

* Class Set of High Quality Lab Grade Hot Plate Stirrers

* 60 Graphing Calculators & storage cases for 8th Grade Students

* Golf Unit for Wellness Students

* Track Equipment: Parachutes, running ladders / mini-hurdles

* 16 Chrome Books

* Leadership Enrichment Program

* Independent Reading / Writing Folders

* School Supplies

* Homework Club Snacks

* Career Day Presenter Lunch

These teacher grants not only help our teachers but ultimately benefit our kids