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Executive Board for 2020-2021

Athey Creek PTSA Executive Board 2020 – 2021 President – Kim Jordan  ( Vice President – Ahsan Ahmed  ( Secretary – Hannah Hall  ( Treasurer – Nicole Rusk  ( Membership – Amy Olson  (

Bottle, Cans, and Plastics Recycling at Walmart!

Hello Athey Community, Did you know that the PTSA has started a recycling program at Walmart that directly benefits the PTSA?  You can donate bottles, cans, and plastics at Walmart in West Linn.  If you have glass bottles you can use the recycle machine outside and take the ticket to customer service, just write Athey …

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Guide To Screen Time Rules For Kids From Experts

Click here for the full articleWe’ve compared advice from 10 experts on screen time and the American Academy of Pediatrics to help parents create screen time rules for their kids. Monitoring content Modeling good habits Setting screen time usage limits Screens at mealtime Screens at bedtime Punishments for too much screen time Screen time rules …

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