Garage Sale Total – Drum Roll Please….

The ACMS PTSA Board wants to thank you!

It was the deep dedication of the Athey Creek community that motivated the garage sale this year.  It was the desire to raise the funds to continue to support our children and their beloved teachers.  It was the knowledge that this was a true community event, reaching beyond our district boundaries and various socioeconomic levels with people from all walks of life walking through the doors of our school.  Finally, a thank you to the same Athey Creek community who donated their treasures, their time and their support that raised over $14,000 during our annual garage sale.

Donators:  we couldn’t have done this with out you, so thank you for continuing to think of ACMS.

Garage Sale Minion Crew: ACMS PTSA board.  Thank you for taking on this mammoth of a project despite having little to no garage sale experience!  We rocked it! J

Drop-off and Sorting Volunteers:  THANK YOU! This was the hardest part of the garage sale.  Sorting through our donated “treasures” was a unique experience and we couldn’t have done it without the dedication of our small force.  Laura Greyerbiehl, Dee Putnam and Victoria O’Kain you made the Tuesday drops that much more bearable.  Kara Unruh and Shelby Lotspeich diligently gave up their time Saturday mornings to help us accept some of our larger drops of the year. Kara Unruh, Sharon Williams, Stacie Beecham, Emily Vanderipe, Rachel Stevenson, Cari Darcus, Laura Greyerbiehl, Dee Putnam, Rachel Klinger who all were willing to step up and help us sort and repack the containers when the donations were in abundance.

Garage Sale Weekend Crew: This would not have been possible without the continued support of our Athey Creek community. Thanks to all of you who came out to make this a successful weekend!  Alaina Kuehn, Alex Tedrow, Amy Schauer, Andrea LeGare, Anika Ortiz, Beth Stuart, Bethany Wurtz, Betty Reynolds, Camille Rule, Cari Darcus, Cat Black, Clarissa Aoyama, Darlene Good, Deb Melnychenko, Dee Putnam, Emily McClelland, Erica Hironimus, Ginger Highland, Ingrid McKinley, Isabel Salas, Jenny Gabler, Kenna Gabler, Jinlin Li, Julie Fritz, Julie Gibson, Kara Unruh, Kate Hoots, Kathy Rozes, Kerry Mason, Kimberly Coke, Krista Badger, Laura Bock, Laura Greyerbiehl, Lisa Durbin, Maggie Gould,  Mark Tabor, Mary Meikle, Melody Aanderud, Michelle Johnson, Mickie Handegard, Mike Rusk, Nicole Rusk, Nikki Kobliha, Patti Sedgwick, Patti Caveney, Rachel Klinger, Rachel Stevenson, Sarah Kuysk, Sharon Williams, Shelby Lotspeich, Stacie Beecham, Tiffany Santoso, Toni Cacciatore, Tracy Gilday, Victoria O’Kain, Viv Kiss, Wendy Ingle.


Mr. Joel Sebastian: He continued to be a strong supporter of such a great community event. Not only did he provide ongoing encouragement, but also he took a few shifts, including bringing his wife, Amy, to help us with the clean-up.  You may find him wrestling with boxes in the recyclable dumpster.

Saleen Chenevert: you ARE the Beyonce of Garage Sales!  You provided so much support to us throughout this entire process.  You were always there behind the scenes rooting for us and answering all of our questions, no matter how silly or early they came through (4 AM email J)

Front Office: Jocye Liden and Debbie Kieling: they were always there to handle the influx of garage sale phone calls and continue to provide much support.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Mr. Chris Berg and Ms. Sarah Bray: AND all of the 7th and 8th grade Wellness classes.  Not only do we disrupt their class schedules for an entire two days, but they also offered up their students who helped us unload and unsort EVERYTHING!!!  Strong work! You were all absolutely amazing!

Mr. Ryan Yeaman: our new Mr. Washington.  He had big shoes to fill and he did just that!  From getting their early on Saturday to helping us organize, man the doors, move furniture and staying until the not so bitter end, he was there and always happy to help!

Night Janitors, Mr. Ron Moser and Ms. Nancy Bettinski:  Ron helped us all day on Sunday.  He was there before we opened and stayed until the last box was packed onto the truck. They were both great supporters!

Mr. Bruce Tabor and Mrs. Janice Tabor: they came through for us in a pinch.  When we didn’t have the usual Goodwill pick-up crew, they generously offered up their racing box truck to help us transport the last of our goodies to Goodwill.  Thank you!!

Norlift: who continued to generously offer their shipping containers, free of charge for us to store all of our rummage.  Thank you!

Our ACMS community is just amazing, thanks for another successful garage sale in the books!

What are we doing with these funds that we have raised?

These funds are being put to good use!  All Teacher’s who have applied for Grants have been approved for next year’s budget.

Chris Berg & Sarah Bray – P.E. equiptment –  $1,000.00
Library – School wide read, Books, OBOB, and Reading Field Trip – $8,420.00
Art Room – Supplies, Storage, and Shelves – $688.92
Band Instrument Repairs – All Woodwind Instrument tune ups – $4,000.00
Track Meet Timers – $1,200.00
Athletics – Fix or replace equiptment – $500.00
Science Experiments – Special Supplies – $1,000.00

Total Amount Requested: $16,808.92

Jen Tabor and Jen Drew